There are no tensions that a hot water bath cannot chase away. However, have you ever wondered what can you do to make a refreshing warm water bath even more invigorating? The answer is: add gadgets.

When technological innovations are beautifying every part of your home, why should you leave out your bathroom? Here are 3 gadgets that make hot tub bath enjoyable.

The Smart Tap Will Take Your Life Easier

3 Gadgets That Make Hot Tub Bath EnjoyableHave you ever dreamed of buying a bath tub gadget that will do everything for you without having you to move once? If yes, the smart tap is here to make your dream come true.

This amazing gadget from Apple uses the power of facial recognition to read you. Based on the way your face reacts, the smart tap will adjust the temperature and flow of water to suit your needs. Isn’t that amazing? However, this is not all you can do with this gadget.

If you are a work freak and does not want to skip on work, even while you are bathing, you can access your email and daily schedule with the smart tap. What’s more, you can even read the weather forecast and dress appropriately for the day. Seriously, what more does a person need!

Get Wireless Headphones to Bring You Music

3 Gadgets That Make Hot Tub Bath EnjoyableGood music can make a warm water bath even more exhilarating. The only problem is you cannot use your normal headphones while in the bathroom for the fear of water ruining them. Don’t worry — the market is now brimming with water-resistant wireless headphones. Allow one of these to play you your favorite music.

Pick up a headphone that offers best quality sound. It should offer deep bass and incredible clarity. Once you are done making your purchase, create a pre-programmed music list for the headphone. You can fill this music list with your favorite genre of music. Or, you can choose to put music that provides calm and peace. You will have to shell out some money to get a wireless headphone for your hot tub bath to keep the body more relaxed (have a glance at variety of hot tubs on

Get a TV Tub

3 Gadgets That Make Hot Tub Bath EnjoyableIf you are someone who likes to stay glued to the television set in your free time, this tub is custom-made for you. Likewise, if you are a busy person who hardly gets time to take notice of what’s happening around the world, with this TV tub, you can keep yourself updated and that too, while taking a bath.

Famous designer Karim Rashid created this marvelous equipment for the Saturn Bath Company of Korea. The TV tub is now getting noticed around the world. The television screen is waterproof — you won’t have to worry about spilling water on it. All you need to do is put on your favorite channel and forget all your worries.

Well, you can always install a television set in your bathroom, but that’s not as amazing as having a TV in hot tub. It is taken that this luxurious and handy gadget will cost you a lot, but it will also make your bath tub sessions even more relaxing, comforting and productive.