Ways to Play Different Types of Paintball GamesPaintball has been ranked among the best games that many gamers enjoy to play. It can be played using electromagnetic or mechanical means depending on the interest of any gamer. Also, the game has been a subject of many updates, thus, making it more enjoyable.

There are numerous ways of playing paintball. These ways have been enhanced by consistent updates which have been made since the game was invented. They make the game easy to play and also more enjoyable. Some of the ways of playing paintball include in the following:

1) Capture the Flag

This one is among the most popular ways of playing paintball. It involves setting two flags to represent both teams during the game. The mission for each team is to retrieve the opponent’s flag and take it to its base without being shot. Eventually, a very difficult and intensive, yet interesting task is established among each team. Each team attempts to take the flag while shooting the opponents to prevent them from taking their flag.

2) Elimination Method

Ways to Play Different Types of Paintball GamesThe game starts with equal numbers of players from each side. Each team attempts to eliminate every other player from the opposing team. If a player is shot, he rushes back to the starting point before re-joining the game. This makes the game to last longer.

3) Neutral Capture The Flag

This type of paintball play is similar to CTF. However, there is a single flag which the players from each team aim at capturing at the same time. The team which takes the flag to its base wins the game.

4) Bomb

One team starts the game with a bomb. This bomb can be a towel or a box. This team aims at attacking the base of the opponent team. The other team targets preventing bomb delivery in their base. The game ends when the team delivers the bomb successfully or when the opponents win in preventing bomb delivery.

5) 2 Sided Bomb

It has the same play just like the bomb. However, in this play, both teams possesses the bomb. Each team’s mission is to prevent the opponents from delivering their bomb at the base. At the same time, each team attempts to deliver their bomb to the opponent’s base. This game makes a longer and a more enjoyable tackle than the bomb paintball play.

6) Predator Vs. Prey

Ways to Play Different Types of Paintball GamesIt is made up of unequal teams. The “predator” team is made up of less team members while the “prey” team comes with more team members, for example, 2 Vs. 4 or 5 Vs. 10. However, the teams may be equal if the game instructions outlines so or if the players decides so.

The prey team should enter the paintball playing area. They track their hiding positions such as in bushes or grass. The predator team follows to hunt the prey team. If a predator is shot, the game ends. If a prey is shot, they join the predator team.


Playing paintball in different ways makes it more enjoyable. It also makes one to learn new ways of playing the game. To learn these ways, you might require some materials such as weapons or gaming devices. This will improve your performance in the game.