Air compressors come in a wide range of specifications. They are made up of compressed air as the name indicates. The air compressors can be used for a variety of needs, which include powering tools. For those who love traveling, a 12V portable air compressor is one of those tools to carry along. It can be lifesaving, especially if one is deep in the woods, far away from any gas station.

The Viair 00073 70P Air Compressor

This is one of the best air compressors to carry along on a camping trip. It comes equipped with a 150-PSI pressure gauge, which is great for adjusting car tire pressure. One of its greatest strengths is how fast it works. It only takes about five minutes to fill up an average-size car tire. Those that have worked with air compressors know that this is very fast and according to some best air compressor reviews blogs it’s a great option to have.

Other advantages that this air compressor has are that it is very lightweight. At only 5lbs, it can be fitted comfortably into the trunk of any car. The device also comes with a convenient carry bag to augment its portability.

The Black & Decker ASI300 Inflator

Best 12V Air Compressor for Different Travel Tasks 1This lightweight air compressor weighs only 6lbs. This makes it easy to carry around during travel. It comes fitted with an automatic feature that turns it off when the specific pressure is reached. The air compressor has a maximum limit of 160PSI, which is more than enough to inflate most car tires. It can also be used to inflate bikes and air mattresses during travel.

The VIAIR 90P Air Compressor

This air compressor is both tiny and powerful. It can work at pressures of up to 120 PSI. This is more than sufficient to inflate most ordinary car tires. One of its main advantages is that it is relatively quiet. During operation, the noise levels of this compressor are quite low compared to some other air compressors.

The Slime 40022 Tire Inflator

Best 12V Air Compressor for Different Travel Tasks 1For those looking for a compressor that offers ease of use, this is definitely the compressor to buy. It comes with a digital display, which is easy to use. Another interesting feature is the automated shutoff. When the pressure reaches the preset value, the compressor automatically shuts down.

The compressor is lightweight and compact for ease of travel. It would definitely be a nice addition to carry along on a long trip. The digital display has a backlight for ease of use in the dark. It is also one of the cheapest yet quality models available in the market so far.

What to Look For In a Compressor?

The major thing to look for when purchasing a portable compressor is safety. One should carefully research the brand they are buying to ensure there are not safety issues with it. Another issue to examine is how compact it is. If the compressor takes up too much space, it might not be convenient to bring it along on a trip.


The above are some of the best compressors for travel in the 12V category. All of them can serve their purpose quite well. One should definitely bring along one of them on their next travel. They can be quite the lifesaver in emergencies.