How to Plan a Cross Country Trip to a Festival?


Among some of the greatest vacation ideas, a cross-country trip stands out from the rest. It is an opportunity to relish the great outdoors and probably build bonds among friends. It offers one the opportunity to truly explore their country and experience just how grand it is. A cross-country trip to a festival is a surreal experience. However, some things need to be taken into consideration to make it a success.

Purchase a Map

Even with digital maps coming into existence, nothing beats having a paper map at hand. For one, there might not be service in some areas. In addition, roaming charges could be very expensive when using mobile data. The map should be detailed and up to date. However, it is important to remember one cannot zoom in on a paper map. As a result, one needs to get various maps for the areas they are going to be traversing.

The maps should be studied carefully and background information on areas sort. Thus, one can choose a route that offers some amazing but without causing delays. A travel guide should accompany the map. This will indicate to one other interesting mini-events along the way that one can visit. It also contains explanations of what exactly one is seeing. This serves to heighten the experience of the trip.

Share Responsibilities

How to Plan a Cross Country Trip to a Festival 3Before embarking on the trip the people travelling together, need to agree on all the details. For one, the cost sharing agreement needs to be clearly understood by all. For instance, there needs to be a solid agreement on how fuel costs will be shared. Additionally, the designated drivers throughout the journey should be agreed upon beforehand. This will help to avoid conflicts that could end up running the entire trip.

Book Early

Most people make this common mistake. In most cases, a festival is announced months before it takes place. Additionally, most festivals are annual events that take place at almost the same date each year. To avoid getting a bad deal, booking for accommodations need to be made months in advance. This ensures that one gets a nice place to stay close to the festival grounds. Waiting until last minute could mean having to share a room. Besides that, one is likely to pay way above the normal prices.

Another important aspect of the trip should be to check the car. The vehicle to be used needs to be in excellent shape. A visit to the car repair person for a checkup should in the list of things to do. If the repair person identifies any problems, they need to be sorted well in advance. This could really destroy the entire trip if things are not sorted out. IT might also be very dangerous to go on a trip with a car that has problems. For one, the car could break down in the middle of nowhere it a route with little traffic.


These few pointers should make a cross-country trip to a festival more of a success. Another point to remember is that the trip should be a bit flexible, avoid squeezing the schedule. After all, anything could happen.


The Spring Art Festival: Old Town Spring In Texas


The Springs Art Festival (otherwise known as Printemps des arts in French language) is a festival that takes place in Monaco and features music and dance. Its origin is in the wishes of Princess Grace who desired to have a thrilling cultural experience. Other countries have their own version of a spring art festival. And the US is no exception. In this regard, it is worth exploring the various spring art festival opportunities in the US, what one can do, and how one can benefit from them.

Other Spring Art Festivals

Coral Springs prepares a Springs arts festival that brings together people with a passion for art. Coral Springs is a dominantly family community that is located in Florida, Boca Raton in particular. It is considered as an ideal place to raise a family. There are a number of exciting things that you can do. For example, taking a walk along the University Drive gives an opportunity for showcasing various pieces of art work. The proceeds from the festival as used to preserve the museum among other activities.

The following activities take place at the festival:

  • visual art
  • dance
  • theater kits
  • exploring the various stores of art

Santa Fe College, Gainesville, South Florida, holds a spring art festival. The show provides an ultimate art experience for the arts. It has a strong position on respecting the position of arts for arts sake. The show costs an average of $20 and a maximum of five applications are allowed. In addition to that, various entries of arts are eligible for an award which one can use as capital to jumpstart artwork. Every event attracts around 100, 000 visitors from Florida and outside. In this light, it is advisable that you make your prior planning arrangement in advance in order to secure entrance and take care of accommodation (if you do not come from within the community). You can do any of the following activities during the festival:

  • clay and porcelain art work
  • computer based art work
  • crafting art from fiber
  • jewellery that is produced from wood, plastic, paper, glass, clay, and metal
  • photography carried by the artist are directly supervised by the artist
  • sculpture
  • woodwork
  • entertainment
  • art party

Texas Wine and Art Festival

Spring Art FestivalThe Texas Wine and Art Festival takes place in the Old Town Spring. It offers an opportunity where participants can enjoy food, wine, and of course art. Most importantly, the events organizers do invite experienced professionals in the wine and art field. Furthermore, it offers a platform where peers can exchange information that is shaping the wine and art industry. Participants can seek solutions to the various problems facing them through brainstorming and learning from the past cases..

The following activities take place at the event:

  • Texas wineries showcase their old favorites
  • Opportunity to sample and experience the release of new wines
  • Presentation of creative work
  • Making oral presentations
  • Mentor-ship opportunities


Attending an arts festival helps the participants strike a healthy balance between social and professional engagement. For inexperienced people. it can offer an ideal entry point towards a specific field, photography for instance. Moreover, it is an ideal thing to do for recreation and relaxation. It combines resting, learning, constructive criticism, and sharing art information. Overall, a spring art festival will offer a long term value to your social as well as professional life.

The following websites can help someone learn more about the various spring arts festival opportunities: