What to Keep In Mind When Planning an RV Travel?


AN RV is probably one of the finest ways to take a vacation in the country. With an RV, things such as accommodation are not an issue. Everything one needs is with them and a result; it offers more flexibility on where one can visit. Before embarking on an RV trip, one should keep in mind a few things. These will make the journey more enjoyable and memorable, especially if there are kids involved.

Things Are Shifty

This is something most first-timers tend to forget. Everything in the RV will be thrown around at every turn, especially hairpin ones. In order to avoid this, keep all the fragile stuff tied down. A common complaint is kids getting their gadgets thrown around and smashed to pieces. Make sure they understand that everything needs to be stored safely or held tightly. Things that are kept in the fridge also need to be tied down. Otherwise, one might have to buy new food every few miles. Additionally, one should avoid storing things in glass pitchers for instance. Use only sturdy storage options such as boxes, which may be lined with soft material to avoid breaking things.

Buy Food with Long shelf Lives

This is another common rookie mistake. Everything that is purchased for food should have a long shelf life and the ability to survive without refrigeration. Although RV parks have areas one can plug in, this is not possible on the road. As a result, if one faces any hurdles on the way to the park, everything could go bad. If it is in the summer, things could get putrid in just a few hours. If one has to carry perishables, make sure that there is a huge cooler available. It could come in handy.

Avoid Some Foods

What to Keep In Mind When Planning an RV TravelGoing on an RV trip is all about minimizing. Fr instance, some foods such as uncooked beans require a lot of boiling. This could quickly use up the limited gas supply in the propane tank. One should only carry food that requires a few minutes of preparation. In addition, food that requires huge preparation spaces should be avoided. Even in the largest RVs, the kitchen is usually very tiny.

Bring a Proper Mattress

A good night sleep is important when travelling for days so think ahead and install a good bed. Memory foam of high quality is one option that ensures that you are rested during the day while you drive between places, you can check this mattress blog for memory foam mattress reviews and more tips on choosing the best mattress for you.

Create a Proper Plan

Trying to wing it on an RV trip is probably the worst decision ever. It could dull the whole trip so much; one might never desire to take an RV trip ever again. Make sure to double check everything. This will include repair tools for changing a flat tire. It would be disastrous if a tire was to go burst and there were no tools in sight. In addition, make sure to have a solid budget, this would avoid inconveniences such as having to cut the trip short. Plan everything down to the last penny and then have more than that.


With this few pointers, an RV trip should be one of the greatest experiences in life. If one decides that this is something, they will be doing regularly. It would be a good idea to consider buying one instead of renting.


Bring Your Metal Detector With You On the Road


The reason people take vacations is to reduce stress and become healthier. However, this does not always happen. Most people just end up sitting in the sun all lost in their thoughts. This can worsen stress instead of reducing. When going out on a road trip, it should not be an opportunity to do nothing. Rather it should be a chance to do something interesting that is fun and requires little effort. A metal detector is one of these items to make a vacation relaxing.

A Great Way to Exercise

This is a great way for one to exercise. Best of all, one requires very little motivation to use the metal detector. In addition, the metal detector is extremely light. It is an opportunity to exercise at a slow pace and get healthier. With a metal detector, one might end up walking for miles in a tiny patch of land with tremendous health benefits. This is especially great for old people with achy joint who might not be able to jog. Taking a walk can at times be very boring if one is not doing anything else.

A Fun Way to Build Bonds

For those who are finding it hard to connect with their kids, a metal detector is a great way to do so. It is among the activities different generations can participate in together and you can visit the Metal Detector Judge for tips on how to choose the best detector for you and your family. The kids could also be very excited about the prospects of finding valuable treasure. Thus, it is a great way to get them of their gadgets. Generally, metal detecting is a great way to strengthen the bond between family members.

It Is an Opportunity to Get Rich

Bring Your Metal Detector With You On the RoadWith modern metal detectors, one can fine-tune it to find a specific mineral. There is the probability of landing upon a huge find such as gold or silver pieces buried somewhere. With the prices of precious metals shooting up, this could be an easy opportunity to get rich. Modern equipment used in metal detecting make this task easier. Many people have changed their fortunes with just a metal detector. It could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Expand Historical Knowledge

In order to have a chance of finding valuable treasure, one needs to do a bit of research. In the course of this research, one is expanding their knowledge about their country. In short, it is a chance for one to reflect back on their heritage. It can also be a great way to get the kids interested in their history lessons. Learning new things has also been known to help with brain health. This includes things such as being able to remember things and having better deductive capabilities. A healthy brain is important for success in one’s career.


A metal detector should definitely feature in the list of items for a trip. It makes the trip more interesting among other things. Besides that, there is the possibility of changing one fortune. When going on a trip, next time. Do not leave the metal detector behind it could come in handy.


Tips to Keep In Mind When Installing a Toilet for an RV

RV toilet installation is as important as the installation of its other essential components. After all, RV owners should always view their vehicle as nothing less than what it is: a mobile home. This is especially true if you are a hardcore camper and intend to live in your RV full-time. And, without a doubt, toilet issues are just one of the many concerns that worry first-time RV owners who still don’t have inkling of just what it’s really like to live in an RV on a daily, long-term basis. The same goes for even the most seasoned ones. When in doubt, just remember these helpful tips:

1) Say No to Plastic.

When you’re still looking for a prospective toilet to buy, make sure that you favor porcelain toilets over plastic ones. Plastic toilets simply do not have the necessary “capacity” for frequent use. Most plastic models have obsolete features as well (would you always be willing to put your face in the bowl just to make sure that your toilet is flushing properly?) These are but one of the hassles that people have to put up with with plastic bowls. Most modern models capitalize on porcelain, which are not only built to last but have more convenient parts as well.

2) Use Rubber Seals Instead of Wax Rings.

When you’re installing your toilet, make sure that it won’t easily come loose by using rubber seal floor flanges to set it in place. Using a wax seal on a long-term basis could prove to be unwise because they are subject to heat softening, which inevitably leads to the toilet coming loose altogether.

3) Consider a Composting Toilet.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Installing a Toilet for an RV 3A composting toilet is a good option for RV owners because one, they don’t require water, and two, no plumbing is needed to install it. With this type of toilet, your waste would basically be converted to humus after defecating. What’s good is that this makes it environment-friendly as well. The toilet does this by separating the solid waste from the liquid one. Other benefits of such a toilet include energy-saving, has a higher capacity, easy maintenance, and you also don’t have to put up with the odor that most RV toilets are associated with. You can read more tips how to choose the best toilet at

4) RV Toilets are Not the Same as Conventional Toilets.

You also have to learn to accept the fact that your RV toilet offers lesser convenience than most average toilets found in homes. The former can’t hold or produce as much water as the latter, so you always have to put the extra effort in keeping it cleaned after use. Standard RV toilets don’t have back tanks as well, which really limits its water supply. Most are connected to black water tanks that need to be emptied and cleaned regularly. Some people apply the proven toilet paper cross “technique” to help their waste go down faster.

What’s good is that installing an RV toilet is relatively easy (all the more so if you decide to go for a composting toilet). There are a lot of handy tools and kits available that make it a breeze. Make sure to not commit basic mistakes like forgetting to turn off the water supply before proceeding with the installation, though. Most RV toilets come with detailed, user-friendly installation guides that promote DIY methods, so you need not worry about incorrectly installing your toilet. Of course, learning how to use the toilet is just half of it, as you also need to learn basic dumping etiquette among campers.


Best 12V Air Compressor for Different Travel Tasks


Air compressors come in a wide range of specifications. They are made up of compressed air as the name indicates. The air compressors can be used for a variety of needs, which include powering tools. For those who love traveling, a 12V portable air compressor is one of those tools to carry along. It can be lifesaving, especially if one is deep in the woods, far away from any gas station.

The Viair 00073 70P Air Compressor

This is one of the best air compressors to carry along on a camping trip. It comes equipped with a 150-PSI pressure gauge, which is great for adjusting car tire pressure. One of its greatest strengths is how fast it works. It only takes about five minutes to fill up an average-size car tire. Those that have worked with air compressors know that this is very fast and according to some best air compressor reviews blogs it’s a great option to have.

Other advantages that this air compressor has are that it is very lightweight. At only 5lbs, it can be fitted comfortably into the trunk of any car. The device also comes with a convenient carry bag to augment its portability.

The Black & Decker ASI300 Inflator

Best 12V Air Compressor for Different Travel Tasks 1This lightweight air compressor weighs only 6lbs. This makes it easy to carry around during travel. It comes fitted with an automatic feature that turns it off when the specific pressure is reached. The air compressor has a maximum limit of 160PSI, which is more than enough to inflate most car tires. It can also be used to inflate bikes and air mattresses during travel.

The VIAIR 90P Air Compressor

This air compressor is both tiny and powerful. It can work at pressures of up to 120 PSI. This is more than sufficient to inflate most ordinary car tires. One of its main advantages is that it is relatively quiet. During operation, the noise levels of this compressor are quite low compared to some other air compressors.

The Slime 40022 Tire Inflator

Best 12V Air Compressor for Different Travel Tasks 1For those looking for a compressor that offers ease of use, this is definitely the compressor to buy. It comes with a digital display, which is easy to use. Another interesting feature is the automated shutoff. When the pressure reaches the preset value, the compressor automatically shuts down.

The compressor is lightweight and compact for ease of travel. It would definitely be a nice addition to carry along on a long trip. The digital display has a backlight for ease of use in the dark. It is also one of the cheapest yet quality models available in the market so far.

What to Look For In a Compressor?

The major thing to look for when purchasing a portable compressor is safety. One should carefully research the brand they are buying to ensure there are not safety issues with it. Another issue to examine is how compact it is. If the compressor takes up too much space, it might not be convenient to bring it along on a trip.


The above are some of the best compressors for travel in the 12V category. All of them can serve their purpose quite well. One should definitely bring along one of them on their next travel. They can be quite the lifesaver in emergencies.


6 Ways to Play Different Types of Paintball Games


Ways to Play Different Types of Paintball GamesPaintball has been ranked among the best games that many gamers enjoy to play. It can be played using electromagnetic or mechanical means depending on the interest of any gamer. Also, the game has been a subject of many updates, thus, making it more enjoyable.

There are numerous ways of playing paintball. These ways have been enhanced by consistent updates which have been made since the game was invented. They make the game easy to play and also more enjoyable. Some of the ways of playing paintball include in the following:

1) Capture the Flag

This one is among the most popular ways of playing paintball. It involves setting two flags to represent both teams during the game. The mission for each team is to retrieve the opponent’s flag and take it to its base without being shot. Eventually, a very difficult and intensive, yet interesting task is established among each team. Each team attempts to take the flag while shooting the opponents to prevent them from taking their flag.

2) Elimination Method

Ways to Play Different Types of Paintball GamesThe game starts with equal numbers of players from each side. Each team attempts to eliminate every other player from the opposing team. If a player is shot, he rushes back to the starting point before re-joining the game. This makes the game to last longer.

3) Neutral Capture The Flag

This type of paintball play is similar to CTF. However, there is a single flag which the players from each team aim at capturing at the same time. The team which takes the flag to its base wins the game.

4) Bomb

One team starts the game with a bomb. This bomb can be a towel or a box. This team aims at attacking the base of the opponent team. The other team targets preventing bomb delivery in their base. The game ends when the team delivers the bomb successfully or when the opponents win in preventing bomb delivery.

5) 2 Sided Bomb

It has the same play just like the bomb. However, in this play, both teams possesses the bomb. Each team’s mission is to prevent the opponents from delivering their bomb at the base. At the same time, each team attempts to deliver their bomb to the opponent’s base. This game makes a longer and a more enjoyable tackle than the bomb paintball play.

6) Predator Vs. Prey

Ways to Play Different Types of Paintball GamesIt is made up of unequal teams. The “predator” team is made up of less team members while the “prey” team comes with more team members, for example, 2 Vs. 4 or 5 Vs. 10. However, the teams may be equal if the game instructions outlines so or if the players decides so.

The prey team should enter the paintball playing area. They track their hiding positions such as in bushes or grass. The predator team follows to hunt the prey team. If a predator is shot, the game ends. If a prey is shot, they join the predator team.


Playing paintball in different ways makes it more enjoyable. It also makes one to learn new ways of playing the game. To learn these ways, you might require some materials such as weapons or gaming devices. This will improve your performance in the game.

Contrast or Blend? How to Match Your Ceiling Fan to Ceiling

Match Your Ceiling Fan to CeilingCeiling fans serve a practical purpose in maintaining a comfortable indoor climate, so many homeowners tend to be nonchalant in choosing a ceiling fan. For a lot of homeowners, the principle behind choosing a ceiling fan is simple – it does not matter if it is an eyesore, it just has to do the job. Fortunately, however, one does not need to sacrifice aesthetic for practicality. In this article, we will discuss some ways to match your ceiling fan to your ceiling so that it blends seamlessly into your interior design instead of distracting from your home design.

General design guidelines in choosing a ceiling fan

Before we dive into the specifics, let us first go over some general design guidelines when choosing a ceiling fan. Taking these factors into consideration will help ensure that your ceiling fan goes well not only with your ceiling, but with the entirety of the room.

  • Consider the size of the room and the height of the ceiling.Installing a large, eye-catching ceiling fan might be good in theory but can feel claustrophobic in a limited space.
  • Consider the theme of the room. For example, if the room is streamlined and minimalist, then you would not want to install something extremely bright-colored.
  • Consider the hardware in the room and make sure that the ceiling fan complements it. For example, if you have a lot of brass fixtures in the room, then you might want to consider getting a fan with a brass finish.
  • Finally, consider the dominant colors in the room. This will be your basis when contrasting or blending the ceiling fan to the ceiling.

Tips on contrasting or blending a ceiling fan to the ceiling

Match Your Ceiling Fan to CeilingNow that you have a general idea on how to choose a fan that will complement the room where it will be installed, let us go into the main focus of this article: how to match your ceiling fan to the ceiling? To do this, you have two main options – either to contrast or to blend your ceiling fan to your ceiling.

For interior design newbies, the easier option is to blend the ceiling fan to your ceiling. All you have to do is to make sure that the color of your ceiling fan is as close as possible to the color of your ceiling. That said, it is incredibly important to have a paint swatch (or at least a photo of your ceiling) with you when you pick out a ceiling fan. This is especially the case with neutral or muted colors as the differences in shade and hue are subtler. If you have wood ceilings, you would want to find a ceiling fan with a wood grain blade that matches your ceilings. If you cannot find a ceiling fan in the exact color, you can opt for a wood grain blade a shade or two lighter than your ceiling to make sure that they are still complementary. Finally, if your ceiling is industrial, then it is best to install a black or a metallic silver fan to help the fan blend with the concrete or metallic theme.

For those who are more confident in their color choices (or maybe just want a pop of color), then contrasting the ceiling fan to the ceiling is the way to go. Note, however, that the contrasting color you will choose should still be in harmony with the ceiling and the rest of the room. For example, if you have wood ceilings, then you would want to choose a ceiling with blades that have the same tone as your ceiling. However, since you are not blending the fan into the ceiling, it is not necessary that you choose a wood grain blade. If the rest of the room, including the ceiling, is neutral or monochromatic, then you can opt for something bright or eye-catching. This way, you can turn the fan into an accent piece and make it the focal point in the room.

While function and efficiency is the main consideration when choosing a ceiling fan, it does not mean that you cannot use your fan to further improve your interior design. Following these tips will help you strike the balance between form and function.