One of the most difficult things to fix at home is the kitchen faucet. Homeowners use the faucet many times in a day. Therefore, it should be dependable and long-lasting. However, the best faucet for your home kitchen should be appealing and able to match with the decoration in the house. When renovating your kitchen or setting a new kitche, you will be required to consider different types of faucets in the market. Some of the common examples available in the market include water filtration, two handle, pot filler, two handle wall mount, single handle and pull-out. Each of these faucets, differ slightly in design so as give a unique functionality.

Choosing a Kitchen Faucet

First, the number of holes that are contained in your sink or your countertop for under-mount sinks should be determined. This will enable you to choose the right faucet that can fit into the position of the former faucet. Choose single handle faucet or a single handle with a deck-plate for 1 hole sink. A double-handle faucet should be chosen for a sink with 2 holes while a double-handle with an accessory should be picked for a 3 holes sink. For a sink with 4 holes, you can choose a single handle with a deck-plate or a double handle with one accessory. Next, you need to decide on the type of the kitchen faucets that suits you best.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a kitchen Faucet

There are key factors that you need to put into account when choosing a good kitchen faucet and sometimes reading kitchen faucet reviews might be a good option. This may include the configuration, faucets styles and faucets finish.

ConfigurationHow to Choose the Best Kitchen Faucet for Your New Home 1

The faucet configuration concerns the number of the handles, the sprout configuration and the mounting styles. There are two different mounting styles, wall or countertop. The spout configuration can either be conventional or pull-down. When choosing a faucet you are required to pick either a two-handle or a single lever configuration. A two handle faucets have one handle for cold water and another for hot water. This type of faucet has also a traditional appealing overlook. Conversely, a single-lever faucet through the operation of single lever combines the performance of both cold and hot water. The amount and the temperature of the water coming out of the spout is determined by the position of the handle. The number of holes required in your sink or countertop can be determined by the number of handles and fixing of other options such as sprays. The position where the faucet is mounted, either the wall or the countertop will also determine how the related plumbing needs to be done.

Faucet Styles

Faucets’ style is the main determinant when choosing the faucet. This is because it refers to its functional and artistic design. You need to choose a faucet that has a design that suits you best. Some of the styles to consider when choosing include location of the lever for single handle facets, spout design (goose-neck or convectional), faucet handle shape and size. You can as well choose designs like traditional, professional and contemporary style. However, goose-neck faucets have the advantage of being able to take a large pot as the spout opening is above the sink. The surface coating or the finish also plays a big role when one is choosing a faucet. This is because the finish can serve as a protective coat or just bring in the decorative appeal. Some of the common faucets finish include brushed nickel, chrome, bronze, hand-rubbed bronze, stainless steel and brass.


It is good to note that the best faucets should be able to combine both artistic and functionality. This is to say that, as you pick the faucet that appeals to you, you should also ensure it will be able to work well. There are many faucets with good features to choose from. Overall, kitchen faucets are a crucial component of a home.

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