One of the greatest challenges facing the public is the problem of hard water. Hard water refers to the presence of magnesium and calcium dissolved in water as Bicarbonates. Some other mineral that could be present in hard water is Ferrous Iron which is generally reddish brown in color.

There are few most common examples which one could tell the water is hard in their homes. These include soap scum in bathtubs, sinks and bathing basins, shower heads, soaps and detergents not producing enough foam, yellowed clothes with residues of soap, some water can also produce bad and unpleasant smell of Hydrogen Sulphide which smells like rotten eggs. One can also obtain skin infections as a result of soap scum closing the pores on the skin. This may lead to formation of bacteria, causing itching and rashes on the skin surface. For this article we have gathered some detailed information and read water softener reviews on this home improvement blog to gain some more insight into the problem so we can present it in this article for your use.

About Gainesville

Gainesville is a town in Florida, USA. It is a family centered town which has favorable weather conditions and therefore highly populated. Gainesville town is no exception to the problem of hard water and is therefore not immune to the challenges of hard water. About 85 percent of the United States has hard water according to US Geological Survey. The water in North Florida flows through Lime Rock in the Karst topography where it dissolves the Magnesium and Calcium minerals. It hence gets into homes as hard water.

The people in Gainesville use several methods to treat their water and make it soft for easier human consumption but mostly use water softeners’ top blogs for water softener reviews about the best water softeners available in 2016.

Culligan Water Softeners

Hard Water Problems in GainesvilleThis is a company in Culligan City in Florida that uses some special water softening gadgets to treat water and make it soft. They are affordable in price and very friendly to the clients. The company provides a Culligan man to their buyers. This is a person who is locally available to maintain and repair the water softener gadget. The company also gives a warranty to make it convenient to their clients about the safety and the durability of the water gadgets. They also provide easy payment strategies making it simple and convenient for the buyers. One is allowed to pay for a monthly service that includes repair and maintenance.


This is a water treatment plant in Gainesville. The company taps the water from the Floridian aquifer and put it into their body, the Murphree water plant. The water is then treated and is supplied to the people in Gainesville. This water plant has been recognized as the Best Water plant in Florida by The American Water Works Association. It has also been named by the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation as The Best Operated Water Plant in Florida. The plant has addressed the concern of hardwater in Gainsville.

Water Treatment Plant and Water Production Divisions

These are many water supply systems in Gainesville. They operate both surface water treatment and groundwater facilities. They function through laboratory analysis where they analysis the water hardness and treat it. The water is then stored and distributed to the users. They also ensure the water contains the acceptable and adequate volume and pressure for fire protection and extinguishing incase of fire breakage.


Hard water problems should not be underestimated when it comes to human consumption. Profound and long-term solutions should be adopted in order to solve the hard water problem in the society today. Some of these methods are very simple and can be done at home. These methods include boiling water which can be practiced in day to day life. In addition to that, the government should also reduce taxation on the products for water treatment. This will hence make them affordable and available for every individual affected by the hard water. The society can also come together and open water treatment firms which should also distribute the treated water to the whole society.

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