AN RV is probably one of the finest ways to take a vacation in the country. With an RV, things such as accommodation are not an issue. Everything one needs is with them and a result; it offers more flexibility on where one can visit. Before embarking on an RV trip, one should keep in mind a few things. These will make the journey more enjoyable and memorable, especially if there are kids involved.

Things Are Shifty

This is something most first-timers tend to forget. Everything in the RV will be thrown around at every turn, especially hairpin ones. In order to avoid this, keep all the fragile stuff tied down. A common complaint is kids getting their gadgets thrown around and smashed to pieces. Make sure they understand that everything needs to be stored safely or held tightly. Things that are kept in the fridge also need to be tied down. Otherwise, one might have to buy new food every few miles. Additionally, one should avoid storing things in glass pitchers for instance. Use only sturdy storage options such as boxes, which may be lined with soft material to avoid breaking things.

Buy Food with Long shelf Lives

This is another common rookie mistake. Everything that is purchased for food should have a long shelf life and the ability to survive without refrigeration. Although RV parks have areas one can plug in, this is not possible on the road. As a result, if one faces any hurdles on the way to the park, everything could go bad. If it is in the summer, things could get putrid in just a few hours. If one has to carry perishables, make sure that there is a huge cooler available. It could come in handy.

Avoid Some Foods

What to Keep In Mind When Planning an RV TravelGoing on an RV trip is all about minimizing. Fr instance, some foods such as uncooked beans require a lot of boiling. This could quickly use up the limited gas supply in the propane tank. One should only carry food that requires a few minutes of preparation. In addition, food that requires huge preparation spaces should be avoided. Even in the largest RVs, the kitchen is usually very tiny.

Bring a Proper Mattress

A good night sleep is important when travelling for days so think ahead and install a good bed. Memory foam of high quality is one option that ensures that you are rested during the day while you drive between places, you can check this mattress blog for memory foam mattress reviews and more tips on choosing the best mattress for you.

Create a Proper Plan

Trying to wing it on an RV trip is probably the worst decision ever. It could dull the whole trip so much; one might never desire to take an RV trip ever again. Make sure to double check everything. This will include repair tools for changing a flat tire. It would be disastrous if a tire was to go burst and there were no tools in sight. In addition, make sure to have a solid budget, this would avoid inconveniences such as having to cut the trip short. Plan everything down to the last penny and then have more than that.


With this few pointers, an RV trip should be one of the greatest experiences in life. If one decides that this is something, they will be doing regularly. It would be a good idea to consider buying one instead of renting.

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