In most cases, a car will become inefficient after some time. This is especially true for long-distance vehicles such as RVs. With time, the fuel efficiency tends to go down. Thus, one may notice that there are fewer miles traveled per gallon of fuel. Over a long distance, such as on a camping trip, this can increase the cost of travel tremendously. A fuel injector cleaner works well to rectify this problem.

Purchase the Kit

In most cases, the fuel injector cleaner can be easily purchased from most stores. This equipment is usually well-labeled with clear instructions. While one can get a technician to do it, it is something one can accomplish by themselves. The fluid may come as part of the kit or it has to be purchased separately. Before purchasing the fuel injector cleaner, ensure that the RV engine is compatible with it. Most cleaners work on all engines. However, some manufacturers insist on a specific brand of cleaner.

Adding the Injector Cleaner

An injector works by spraying the gasoline into the engine. This ensures it mixes better with air and thus burns fully. If these injectors become clogged, they are unable to perform their function fully. Thus, the fuel required increased many times over for the same distance travelled.

The first step to adding injector is to empty out the gas tank. The next step will involve connecting the kit to a line that transmits fuel through the injector. The engines should then be turned on. This will suck the injector cleaner into the injectors. As this happens, they remove any material that may be clogging them. After that, fuel the RV and take it for a drive. This should be done in an area with minimal dust. One will notice a dark plume being emitted from the exhaust pipe. This is an indication that dirt is being removed from the engine.

How to Avoid this Problem?

Make Sure Your RV Is In Top FormIn order to avoid this problem from recurring, one should avoid purchasing cheap fuel. In most cases, avoid gas stations that look run down. They may also have maintenance problems. This will mean that their fuel is also likely to be contaminated. This is why it is important to fill up the tank before embarking on a journey. Otherwise, one may be forced to make stops at gas stations with few customers. The longer fuel lies in storage tanks, the more likely it is to be contaminated with impurities.

If the problem persists, the injectors may require being replaced. In future, one should avoid the above-mentioned causes of clogged injectors. In most cases, the cleaner will work just fine. They are only replaced in the extreme cases. Before using the cleaner, conduct a short inspection of the cleaners. If they are clogged, they will have a visible build up. If they appear clean, the problem with fuel efficiency may lie elsewhere.


RVs are huge pieces of equipment. In most instances, failure to conduct proper maintenance could have far-reaching consequences. Although it may seem expensive to conduct the check-up, the repair always cost more.

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